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Me - Esther Maria Rest

Me – Esther Maria Rest

It’s been quite the journey which led me to discover and marvel at the amazing power of essential oils, and specifically Young Living, since it is so much more than ‘just oils’.

My background:

My name is Esther Maria Rest, and I grew up in a loving family in the Ruhr district of Germany, to hippie parents who wrote each other (and later for the rest of the world) stories and poems and had their heart set to change the world for the better. They did, in so many amazing ways, and continue to be my inspiration. I also have a brother, Pascal, a photojournalist with a great eye and a big heart.

My early childhood is filled with bird songs, peace songs, grass and flowers that grew endlessly above my head, and many adventures all across Europe. I loved people, languages and books, dreamed to be a diplomat and a dancer, studied mime and theater arts, then filmmaking and screenwriting, and Healing and Dance on a cellular and spiritual level. Those studies and the amazing people I met through them brought me to the United States.
Once I had children another passion developed. My quest to assist them in growing and learning with ease and joy has led me to Radical Unschooling, making the entire world and all the people in it our ‘classroom’. Learning and Living are One and Limitless for us, we go where our curiosity and passions lead us, in mutual trust and support.

Young Living:
After exhausting my knowledge of other natural means to deal with life’s ‘little inconveniences’, Young Living came into my life at a time when I was looking for another source to create wellness for my children. Shortly after starting to use and learn about these amazingly powerful and natural substances, I realized that Young Living also offered the possibility to create another source of income which would allow me flexibility and the ability to stay home with my children. Young Living combines all the things I am most passionate about:

1.The Wellbeing of my Entire Family, from Youngest to Oldest and the kind of legacy we leave for them – another set of ‘tools’ to deal with life’s challenges. Something they will be able to use to lovingly take care of their own family some day while at the same time supporting and sustaining life and wellbeing for the planet as a whole.

2. Environmental Protection and Care for our Planet
Young Living currently owns 8 farms on 3 continents, and partners with many more, all of them upholding the ‘Seed to Seal’ promise. Their farms and business practices are wide open, and any member can join in the planting, harvest and distillation. Gary Young’s passion and love for the plants are evident to anyone who’s ever met him. If he had not been growing the plants himself, many would by now have been discontinued, 54 to be precise within 2 years. So, I am grateful for his knowledge and care in growing these precious substances, and therefore supporting sustainable farming and sourcing techniques across the globe. Check out their ‘Seed to Seal’ promise here:

3. The Love of People
I will never forget the promise that Gary Young made, to have a positive impact on the communities of every country that Young Living has a presence. The unique nature of the Network Marketing Business the way Young Living does it, makes you immediately part of one big supportive family. The stronger your own organization grows the more voice you have in supporting your own dreams, charity, projects and ability to help others. Here is just a small glimpse into the ‘other’ work YL does:

Partnerships: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/media/partnerships

Foundation: https://www.dgaryyoungfoundation.org/

4. A Passion for Global Peace

Gary Young’s dream of the World Peace Caravan in the Middle East was one of the first things which assured me that I was in the right place. It seems now that sadly, due to circumstances in Jordan, it is not to be, but nevertheless I like a dreamer and a visionary, and have heard of other new amazing endeavors soon to be announced.

5. Network Marketing

Young Living has been a successful and fully legitimate Network Marketing Business for over 20 years now and has one of the most intuitive and generous compensation plan in the industry. It is literally a global community who support and help each other. I have met so many incredible people that I never would have otherwise. It forced me to come out of my extremely introverted shell and made me grow as a person like nothing else has.

The biggest challenge is to overcome people’s negative beliefs and biases about the Network Marketing concept and replacing it with those who are doing it know to be true. Fortunately, as an Unschooling mother, I am used to this, and used to challenge and question traditional/automatic ideas of doing anything, be this in business or life.

I hope I can inspire you too, to come with me on a journey to find wellness and joy from the amazing plants of our planet,to create an abundant life sharing the things you love, and a journey into all areas of finding peace – within the self, the community, and essentially, the world.

I intend to write honestly and from the heart, about our journey as a family of living our dreams, as well as share stories and resources of promoting peace and wellbeing as I go along.
I believe every day should be lived in harmony and reverence of all the life on earth.

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