Camel carrying essential oil blend "Journey On"

Camel carrying essential oil blend “Journey On”

Like so many others I discovered Young Living Essential Oils through the benefits it brought to my family.
A while later, looking for work that was at the same time inspiring and that I could do from home while being with my family, I started looking into Young Living’s business opportunity more deeply.
I knew that if I committed to making Young Living my business I wanted to make sure that it was the absolute right fit. I wanted to meet Gary Young and see what kind of person he was, and be in the atmosphere of others who are using the oils.
Fortunately, the opportunity came when he was doing a day-long seminar in New Jersey.
It was a cold and snowy day and I started the four hours drive south in the darkness…And to cut it short, he experience was amazing, both the oils, the training, and the people there. Gary Young was passionate, real, humble, honest and showed a great love and dedication for his family. But the one thing, the deciding factor that made me feel like I was exactly in the right place was when he announced that he had had a dream, or rather 3 dreams in a row, of an ancient Peace Caravan. And he announced that he was going to do it, that Young Living would sponsor and organize a World Peace Caravan, traveling the ancient route from Petra, Jordan, to Jerusalem, Israel, just like the Queen of Sheba when bringing gifts of Frankincense, Myrrh and other treasures to King Solomon.
There would be a petition for a Cease Fire, a Peace and Health Conference, and he would give children and youth from around the world a chance to be heard. Frankincense will be burned throughout the trail. The caravan would have people from all faiths and many nations traveling together by camel, horse, or on foot, and would gather around the campfires at night.
He recounted that in the dream he saw the children laughing and playing around the campfires and knew that he would do it for them and for all the children of the world who yearn for peace.

As he was talking I had to cry, as this was more than I had hoped for, and I had my own vision of combining my love for the essential oils with my love of bringing more peace to the world. I knew then that somehow my family would be a part of this. Fortunately for me his dream took a while to be materialized, and even though many negotiation and details are still being worked out, it is now in a stage where the dream is becoming reality. In all this time I have learned a lot more about the amazing properites of genuine essential oils, dreamer and visionary Mr. Gary Young, and the Young Living business. I would love for as many of you as possible to join this caravan.

Find out more about the Peace Caravan at the new website with details and registration already in place: worldpeacecaravan.org.
There are many ways that you can support this endeavor.

There is an auction for some great items to raise money, and there are ways to volunteer. Look here for some rare and special essential oil blends as well, like ‘Sacred Angel’.

Also, weather you want to support the World Peace Caravan, or another charity of your choice, joining iGive.com is an awesome way to earn them money through any online shopping you do, without you having to spend any extra. To find out how, go here: http://www.igive.com/V4b23e.

In the very least, I hope that you sign the petition for the Cease Fire to be presented to the UN when it reaches 1 Million people: worldpeacecaravan.org/petition.

If you like to join my Young Living team and receive the business training to make the money to join this endeavor – or any other dream that you might have, please send me an email and check out my essential oils website here: mararest.vibrantscents.com.

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